Hey there :)

I'm Rey! I love nature and wildlife! I can often times be found out in the wild taking photos. My favorite subject is wildlife, but it is hard to deny the absolute beauty of nature's landscapes. Using the images on the right, you can select the nature related photo to check out my corresponding nature and wildlife page, Mother Nature Framed!

Enjoying nature and wildlife can often times present unique challenges! If you are trying to find your way "into the wild" and can use some assistance learning how to camp "in style", I've had over twenty years to make plenty of mistakes along the way. If you'd like to save time and spend more time enjoying yourself in the wild, you can select the camping related photo on the right to check out my corresponding camping page, Camp In Style(US385).com!

I've had to be resourceful along the way to finance a lot of these gigs, and the gear needed to comfortably endure some of the tougher elements encountered in nature is not cheap. To make ends meet, I work with what I've got! I often have access to a workstation on the road and can be found creating and maintaining websites and their corresponding social media pages as needed. If you need some help getting your business off the ground and don't yet have an online presence, you can select the web hosting related photo on the right to check out my corresponding web hosting page, Host-Your.Com!